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Profile must be completed PRIOR to March 25, 2023

To be eligible for consideration for MACS Dollars for Scholars scholarship consideration a student 's profile must be complete with parent, counselor, and reference in place

by March 25, 2023



  • Students under the age of 15 need parent permission to submit scholarship applications.  Parents need an email address, as permission is requested by the student via email and granted by the parent online

Students: Please use these instructions also, click here.

For a Guide on how to complete Parent information, click here

For a Guide on how to complete Counselor information, click here

For a Guide on how to complete Reference information, click here

You will need Adobe Reader installed to view these documents.

Parents: MACS Dollars for Scholars Awards are not awarded based on financial need, as such you DON't have to fill out FINANCIAL INFORMATION to be eligible for our awards. However, some outside awards do award based on need and would require such information. We leave it at your discretion as to whether you fill out the FINANCIAL INFORMATION required.

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