MACS Dollars for Scholars

Po Box 971

Mexico, NY 13114


Dear MACS Community:

Once again MACS Dollars of Scholars is able light all of the windows of the beautiful and historic MACS High School from November 2021 through January 2022.  The Memory Lights have become tradition in the MACS Community and are looked forward to by many in our area.

This beloved project helps fund our scholarships for the current year.  We have been thrilled with the community's response in the past and have raised approximately $1,600.00 per year.  The Memory Lights help honor and remember family members, students or teachers who have touched our lives. 

With Covid-19 effecting the United States, Dollars for Scholars has not been able to raise money for the scholarships like we have in years past.  Sponsoring a Memory Light would be a great way to honor and remember someone, to light every window of the MACS High School and provide scholarship to the Class of 2022 applicants.  A minimum donation of $15.00 per window is all that is needed to sponsor a Memory Light. 

To be able to safely provide the Memory Lights in the future, MACS Dollars for Scholars has to upgrade the candles.  This will make sure the Memory Lights shine bright while keeping the High School safe.  We hope to replace all of the lights by next year. A donation of $10.00 would buy on battery operated candle.  See below regarding a discount to purchase a candle when you also make a donation for a Memory Light.

If you are interested sponsoring a Memory Light or purchasing a new battery-operated candle, please follow the link below or use the text to donate.  Donations can also be mailed to:

MACS Dollars for Scholars

PO Box 971

Mexico, NY  13114


In late November or Early December, MACS Dollars for Scholars will publish all of the sponsorships on the Dollars for Scholars Face book page.

Thank you for your generous support and helping us offer scholarships to MACS students!


MACS Dollars for Scholars

Text MACSDFS to 44-321